Trekking Packages

Explore a nearly untouched part of the Island of the Gods.

Our award winning treks take you through breathtaking landscapes to discover a nearly untouched side of Bali. Apart from the beautiful views, you will also get to learn about the Muntigunung Development Program and the employment the social enterprises are creating. Not only does this provide a regular source of income for the communities, it also ensures that the families stay in their village and their children can attend school rather than go begging.

The treks are exclusively carried out for your group only and are not mixed with other groups. The minimum group size is 2 participants.

Experienced  English speaking guides and local community guides will accompany you through this remote and unspoiled part of Bali that even most Balinese are not aware of. It fills the once forgotten Muntigunung community with pride to show the world their peaceful rural life and skilled craftsmanship. 

After your trek, you will get to relax by the beach around noon to enjoy a delicious meal and a refreshing dip in the ocean before heading back to your villa or hotel.

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