About Us

About Us

Munti Alam Sejahtera, Muntigunung’s trekking social enterprise, grew out of the Muntigunung Community Development Program. It had its early beginnings in 2007 with the purpose to create work and income for the community.

In 2011 it was awarded the Global Eco Tourism Award and has been widely featured in both national and international media.


The Muntigunung Community Development Program was initiated in 2006 in an effort to provide a more sustainable and brighter future for the Muntigunung community.

Located in an extremely dry area, Muntigunung’s impoverished inhabitants struggled to grow enough crops to survive, and many chose to go begging with their children the tourist areas of South Bali. 

By working alongside the community, specially designed roofs were constructed to harvest and store rainwater in tanks to provide a year-round water supply. After securing and maintaining clean water for every household, the aim was to support the community in getting access to healthcare and education and create employment and economic opportunities. 

Through the three social enterprises – Trekking, Handicrafts and Food – community members are trained and have the opportunity to provide for their families with dignity and pride.