The villages of Muntigunung are located on the arid eastern slopes of Mount Batur in Northeast Bali, with dramatic views of Mount Agung, the island of Lombok and the towering silhouette of Rinjani.

Muntigunung Tours Details

Our award winning 3 hour trek takes guests through breathtaking landscapes to discover a nearly untouched side of Bali. Apart from beautiful views, visitors also get to see first hand the employment the social enterprise is creating.

Members of the community have been trained as guides to lead treks from the top of Lake Batur’s caldera down to the plains of the north coast. The trek starts with an ascent for around an hour to a vantage point with spectacular views of the entire caldera. The trail then descends towards Bali’s north coast with time to stop off at the villages to see the buildings where the community works as part of the social enterprise.

Not only does this employment provide a regular source of income, but it also ensures that the families stay in their village and their children can attend school.


Pickup near Ubud or North-Bali
2 persons / per person IDR –  Price: contact us
3 persons / per person IDR –  Price: contact us
4 persons / per person IDR –  Price: contact us


Pickup in south Bali
2 persons / per person IDR –  Price: contact us
3 persons / per person IDR –  Price: contact us
4 persons / per person IDR –  Price: contact us

Price for larger groups by request


Pickup in the morning by car from your villa or hotel /start a moderate walk in Songan, a village near the sea /walk through wild vegetation passing villages and hills /learn about the challenges of the people everyday and see how they are helped to improve their standard of living /Interesting visit of production facilities of the charity project, where they produce hammocks, baskets, bags and Cashew nuts /enjoy the solitude and silence as well as the breath-taking views of Lake Batur and the Indian Ocean /lunch and relaxing on beach /travel back by car to the villa or hotel.



  1. Sport shoes
  2. Comfortable clothing, light pullover or raincoat
  3. Sun protection (hat, sun cream, sunglasses)
  4. Bathing gear
  5. Small bag or rucksack for your daily ration of water
  6. Precise cash to pay the trekking on site (see prices)
  1. Trekking has to be paid cash on site in Indonesian Rupiah – no credit card payment on site !
  2. Please do not give money or other gifts to locals. The tour guides are paid by the social enterprise as well.
  3. If you wish to purchase products seen during the trek or if you want to support the social enterprise, get in touch directly at muntigunungtrekking@gmail.com
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